How to lose weight for good

Lose up to 6-8 kg of weight in 5 weeks on our induction program

Tried Everything To lose Weight!

Feed up with dieting? You don’t have to struggle with excess weight, trying the latest fad diet to lose weight and keep it off. These diets all have one thing in common they focus on how to lose weight – they don’t have a robust program to maintain your new healthy weight long after you have lost it. For over 20 years in practice, I have seen this pattern of yo-yo dieting and frustration with exercises programs that don’t move the fat. It may not be your fault; it may be due to: 

  • Hormone imbalance
  • Slow metabolism
  • Insulin resistance
  • Food intolerances
  • Digestive issues
  • Food availability 
  • Adrenal exhaustion 
  • Environmental factors 
  • Emotional eating


Maintain a Healthy Weight for Life 

We spend time to uncover the reason you are not losing weight most often, it is not what you think!  Over the last 20 years, we have seen it all, people suffering from health issues that come with weight gain. So we developed the Groves Lifestyle Diet a program, to:

  • Lose weight phase
  • Maintain weight phase
  • Lifestyle integration phase for longterm weight management


Receive Guidance Each Week

In my professional opinion, the Groves Lifestyle Diet is the best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for life:

  1. It addresses the underlying contributing factors that lead to weight gain.
  2. Practitioner support and guidance each week. We will work out the details together and get through each obstacle, this will give you the insight for life on how to manage your goals no matter what you think may stop you.
  3. It is easy to follow step by step guided program.
  4. Overcome yo-yo dieting successfully with our maintenance phase and unique lifestyle phase.
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Lose 6-8 Kilos in 5 Weeks  

Weight gain has many contributing factors like stress, hormones, emotional eating, lifestyle habits, genetics, pharmaceutical medications and so forth.

With the Groves Lifestyle Diet weight loss program, most people lose 6 to 8 kilos in their first 5-week module and each five-week module after. For some that will be one 5-week module, and for others, they may need several 5-week modules to reach the goal weight. 

With our busy lives today, technology like online consultations (telemedicine) is a convenient option you may wish to consider. I run a clinic in Brisbane, where I can attend a face to face consultations or a combination of both, what best suits your lifestyle.

Before starting on a weight loss program, it is wise to write down what inspires you to lose weight. It differs from person to person. I am always very humbled to hear these comments. Feel free to share your inspiration with me I would love to hear what it is.

If you have a question about your weight or want to check that what you are doing is on track, I’d love you to hear from you, contact me

How the Our Weight Loss Program Came To Be

I was frustrated offering weight loss programs based on fads and research that did not work in practice, I had some success, but it did not work for everyone. I knew there had to be a better, more healthy option. The desire to get long-lasting results for my clients was stronger than ever. I spent three years meticulously researching, testing recipes, trial and error, writing, refining and monitoring patients. As a result, I produce what I think is the best weight loss program I have ever used in practice “The Groves Lifestyle Diet”.

Proof That it Works 

To prove the Groves Lifestyle Diet program worked, I needed good evidence. I got that from seeing hundreds of clients in clinical practice lose weight time and time again. Before the initial launch, I put myself on the program to test it out and lost 8.5 kgs in 5 weeks. I learnt how to lose weight following the Groves Lifestyle Diet and what the pitfalls are. As a result, I know how it feels when you are stuck and how frustrating that can be. I also know how it feels to overcome the challenges and achieve the goal weight. Before starting the Groves Lifestyle Diet, one of my clients had spent $1000s on her jean collection. After losing weight, she was able to fit into her jeans – she was over the moon. Join the many clients who have already benefited from the Groves Lifestyle Diet and book your appointment.

The Groves Lifestyle Diet Weight Loss Program

This unique product is truly transformative, and I know you will get the results all you have to do is follow the steps. It’s not hard. It will work for you.This program is a professionally guided weight loss care package. You are not left on your own to figure things out. I am here to support and show you the way.


The assessment includes our first visit where we will discuss your history and what you have tried in the past if anything. I will use my nineteen years of experience as a clinician to access what may be contributing to your weight gain. At times this may include some pathology tests. Once we have established the causes, we will then tailor the program to your profile. 

Induction Phase

You start your first five-week module with three must eat meals a day and some individualised supplements. We pre-schedule five weekly visits either by some sort of technology or face to face and throughout you have as much contact with me as you need.  

Maintenance Phase

We start to space the appointments further apart yet you still have as much contact with me as you need.

Maintenance typically lasts for three months where I teach you how to keep the weight off, and at the same time, we wean you off the diet and start to integrate you into the mainstream by introducing additional foods.

This is what set this diet apart from every other menu. You will learn precisely how much fuel your body can burn, and once you know this secret formula, you will be the master of your weight.

Lifestyle Phase

Typically in this phase, we see each other less and less, perhaps four to six times a year. However, as long as you are a patient of mine, you will always have as much contact with me as you need. This is the ongoing lifestyle – living with the weight off and applying what you learned in Phase Three. If you have a question about your weight, health or want to check that what you are doing is on track, I’d love you to hear from you, contact me


Start Your Journey to a Healthy Weight 

You can lose 6-8 kilos on our program in 5 weeks, no intense workout program required. 99% of people who do the Groves Lifestyle Diet program have success even if don’t do the perfectly. “Book an appointment” and we will get you started.