Boost your immune system to fight viral infections.

The Ganoderma lucidum, common name reishi mushroom is hard when dried. It boosts the immune system in viral and bacterial infections. So to make a tea, you need to either use an infusion or a decoction method. A decoction is used to extract active ingredients out of hard substances like died mushrooms. The heat forces the plant material to release the active ingredients. In this case, immune modulation substances that are anti-viral, antibacterial, expectorant, and it anti-allergic.


5 grams of dried organic Reishi mushrooms slices
5 cups of water


Daily recommended 1 tsp 1-2 times per day for prevention
Daily recommended 1 tsp every 2 hours for sore throats
I am happy to talk to you, text me and I will call back if you are unsure of what dosage to take.


Use the slices directly, or you can grind them in a coffee grinder or blender. The smaller the pieces the more active ingredients will be extracted in the decoction. In a pot bring the water to a boil, add the reishi mushroom slices or powder. Reduce the heat until simmering. Let it simmer for 30-45 minutes. Remove from the heat, strain, allow to cool a little. It tastes bitter. Don’t say you don’t like it. It’s good for you. If you need to change the taste add a bit of Manuka honey.

Tea Cautions

Not to be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice. Allergy response is rare but can happen. Do Not take if on immune-suppressing drugs (kidneys, heart, lung transplants) it always wise to check with your health care provider. Any persistent cough, accompanied by a headache or fever and or has yellow or green mucus should be evaluated by a healthcare practitioner. I would not give this mixture to a young child. If a child has a persistent cough, they should see a doctor. 

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Written by: Brendon Groves Clinical Naturopathic Practitioner and Founder of Groves Naturopathics

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